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Posted on: Mar 10, 2014
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Premier Gordon Campbell had also been given a January 2009 briefing note on the HST before he went to the Council of the Federation Canadian premiers meeting. Howe] study suggests that it may take five or more years before the impact on [gross domestic product] is positive and even longer for real wages and job numbers to recover.”The Federal government was not flexible on the HST rate until after the election”So until the discussions that took place after the election, the provincial government was not aware of the fact that the federal government was prepared to entertain a rate other than 13 per cent.” Finance Minister Colin Hansen May 18, 2010E mail exchanges between ministry of finance officials and the Public Affairs Bureau discuss the minister’s briefing note being updated on March 26, 2009, to include information on the MOU between the province of Ontario and the canada goose outlet federal government. The MOU explicitly details the flexibility with respect to the rate of sales tax charged.They did not discuss the HST with the federal government before the electionNew Democrat finance critic Bruce Ralston: “Then, to conclude on this topic, what the minister is saying and I just want to make sure I have it right is that from the date of the early discussion of HST, the public discussion by the minister and the premier of Ontario in January 2009, until after the election and I believe he refers to a conversation with the finance minister at the end of May there was no discussion either by the minister or his officials of the implementation of an HST.

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