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The new Artificial Pancreas is available now

The new Artificial Pancreas is available now… google for Medtronic 670G or visit

We are preparing for our 3rd Diabetes Day .. If you are interested to join send to … don’t forget to mention your file number and date of last visit ,,, it’s for FREE.. Early birds wins !!

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Medical Supplies

We can help you find the best blood glucose meters, insulin pens, insulin pumps and other medical devices in the field of diabetes,,, we don’t sell we only recommend and may help you get a BIG discount.

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We can help you find the best doctors in different specialties,, we will recommend efficient & honest physicians & surgeons and we will provide you a medical report and follow your medical condition .

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Medical Resources

Always get your medical infos from reliable resources,, ask your health care provider before rushing in…we follow evidence based medicine based on mega trials and published in the international literature.

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