Shortly after the attack, Abiy appeared grim faced on

Posted on: Jun 13, 2014
Author: qpixsolutions

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uk moncler outlet Abiy Ahmed, 42, had just finished speaking to a rapturous audience of tens of thousands of cheap moncler coats supporters in the capital’s iconic Meskel square in the heart of the city when there was a sound of a bang.Footage shows the moncler outlet store prime minister, who was wearing a yellow T shirt with Nelson Mandela and the African continent on it, standing up and looking in the direction of the sound before being ushered away by security guards.Shortly after the attack, Abiy appeared grim faced on television to say that “a few people” were killed and that the “well orchestrated attack” was “cheap and unacceptable.”Health Minister moncler outlet uk Amir Aman later tweeted that one person had died of his wounds among the 155 reported wounded.”Love will win. Forgiveness will win. Killing is a sign of defeat. uk moncler outlet

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