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Obesity is a serious disease and considered a major health problem in our society and worldwide. Diagnosis of the type of Obesity is the first step to cure & success. A successful Obesity clinic is a multidisciplinary medical task that needs a specialized physician, a registered Nutritionist, a Psychiatrist and a motivated Patient.

The obese patient is a victim of many paramedical intruders that manipulate this sector of patients with an unethical behavior – prescribing over-the-shelf nutrients or home-made dietary regimen – dealing with such serious medical condition in a naïve manner that leads to a tragic, comorbid and even a fatal ending.

At Abou Seifein Diabetes Center we are acting differently, following the evidence based medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of this comorbid condition. Clinical examination with a thorough medical history is done by a specialized team to assess the cause and the related medical comorbidities of every patient. Then evaluation of the condition is done by laboratory investigations and diagnostic tools (body-composition analysis, imaging) to assess the cause and the related medical comorbidities for every obese patient. Psychiatric evaluation is also performed by the GHPC to exclude any eating disorders that may contribute to the condition and to start a new eating behavior plan called “ mindful eating”.

When the condition is fully evaluated the therapeutic plan is issued and the patient with his family members are instructed with the whole plan and educated that this is a life-time therapeutic and behavioral regimen.


Medical Info

Obesity is a chronic disease related to many aspects of medicine and considered one the major causes of chronic fatigue and many health problems and symptoms. Unfortunately within different communities and even within health care providers in remote specialties – obesity is still considered a cosmetic issue!

Obesity is related to most of the cardio-Metabolic arena: hyperinsulinemia, hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, microalbuminuria, hypertriglyceridemia & amp; cardiac ischemia. Not to mention cancer, depression and musculoskeletal disabilities all are one face of the obesity coin.

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