Data to inform health and safety policies and programmes is one

Posted on: Jun 20, 2013
Author: qpixsolutions

Workplace health and safety compensation funds Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA), Federated Employer Mutual Assurance Company and the Department of Labour Compensation Fund, as well as the Department of Mineral Resources, on Thursday launched the Occupational Disease Prevention Campaign, in Ekurhuleni.The campaign kicked off with a focus on preventing noise induced hearing loss, which is 100% preventable but constituted 86% of the claims submitted to compensation funds in South Africa.National Institute of Occupational Health executive director Dr Sophia Kisting who is also an international health and safety academic luminary noted that the cost of compensation and the loss of productivity can serve to incentivise the culture of is not about money; it is about mindset. The costs of screening, health surveillance and monitoring systems are significantly less expensive than the costs of injury or workplace diseases, and [such systems] improve the work environment and the impact that employment has on the lives of workers and their families. Key focus of the campaign is to create awareness of hazard identification and risk exposure within the work environment, driven by an analysis of what is presented at the claims stage, which is when all existing health and safety measures have failed to protect the worker, she key, since it not only protects the lives and livelihoods of workers and their families, but also their economic and social development, he said on Thursday.The establishment of a preventive health and safety culture requires dialogue among the social partners and these continuous engagements will help increase the sharing of knowledge and strengthen capacity to deliver by sharing resources.The long latency periods of occupational diseases, that sometimes avoid detection over decades, make them more difficult to prevent and, hence, the need for more effective detection and prevention cultures.Of the 2.34 million work related deaths reported to the International Labour Organisation in 2017, two million are as a result of work related diseases.Data to inform health and safety policies and programmes is one of the main problems facing the National Institute of Occupational Health, noted Kisting.need to collaborate on data, including from employers, healthcare providers and organisations, workers organisations and government departments.

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