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Digital Diabetes

Digital Diabetes is the first Diabetes center in Egypt providing the most up-to-date Diabetes Technology. Managed by a team of Certified Trainer Physicians holding CPTs & Diabetes Diplomas from global universities & Officially recognized by the International industry.

A1c test

The HbA1c test (Glycosylated Hemoglobin) is a very important test for the control of diabetes, it reflects the glycemic average over the last 2-3 months. Digital Diabetes [DD] provides this test to every patient instantly in every visit with the doctor without the need to go to the Lab and without the fear of sampling in such young people (a capillary blood sample is enough). The result is obtained in only 5 minutes with maximum accuracy.



Digital Diabetes [DD] is also a Certified Insulin Pump Center (programing & downloading insulin pump) and the staff
is officially certified & trained (CPT) with a medical experience of over 15 years in the field. [DD] is recognized as a certified Insulin Pump center by the three major international companies that supply insulin pumps (Medtronic, USA – AccuCheck Combo, Roche Basel Switzerland – Omnipod, USA).


Digital Diabetes [DD] provides a very special service for the diagnosis of “Hypoglycemia, Glycemic Variability and Blood Glucose Patterns” called the CGMS (continuous glucose monitoring system). CGMS is an advanced diagnostic tool that uses a very small sensor that is fixed on the skin of the patient (size of a coin) 24 h for 7 days (24/7). It monitors and registers your blood glucose minute by minute over the whole week. Then it is downloaded on the computer of the [DD] center.

CGMS provides very valuable medical data to both the patient and the doctor to detect the time zones of High & Low blood glucose levels to adjust the insulin doses for a safe and healthy diabetes control.


Medical Info

Obesity is a chronic disease related to many aspects of medicine and considered one the major causes of chronic fatigue and many health problems and symptoms. Unfortunately within different communities and even within health care providers in remote specialties – obesity is still considered a cosmetic issue!

Obesity is related to most of the Cardio-Metabolic arena: hyperinsulinemia, hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, microalbuminuria, hypertriglyceridemia & cardiac ischemia. Not to mention cancer, depression and musculoskeletal disabilities all are one face of the obesity coin.

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