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Al LehmannSmoke: pungent, aromatic, sensual, arousing. It’s small wonder that peoples throughout history have been captivated by cheap moncler jackets sale smoke’s changing and magical character.Ever since the mythical Prometheus stole fire from the gods and delivered it to man, we have been the fascinated beneficiaries of fire, as well as its victim.In ancient times, priests of numerous cultures watched in astonished reverence as the evidence of their burnt offerings sacrificed animals ascended in aromatic wreaths toward the heavens.From Biblical times through to modern, religious celebrations have been decorated with the moncler outlet sale fragrance of incense. the hippies of the 1960’s scratched their matches and flicked their Bics to set alight sticks of Patchoulli and jasmine. Om mani padme… cough!… hum.Perfume itself derives its name from the French for smoky odors: par fum.Of course, smoke has its downside. There moncler sale are still millions of people world wide addicted to the absurd habit of imbibing their drug fix through inhaling the carcinogenic by products of combustion. And air pollution such as Terrace’s wood smoke stink contributes to the early deaths of hundreds of thousands of humans yearly.Over twenty five years ago American president Jimmy Carter made a symbolic gesture toward replacing fire with solar power by having solar collectors placed on the White House. cheerfully imbecilic successor Ronald Reagan, a toady to the energy industry, had them removed only a cheap moncler coats few years later.At the time, Moncler Outlet a journalist supportive cheap moncler of the notion of energy alternatives published a cartoon depicting a smug energy executive cheerfully assessing energy alternatives. “Coal? We own the coal. Gas? We own the gas. Oil? We own the oil. Solar? [pause, with grimace] It isn’t feasible.”The concept of benefits freely available to all, or at least to all moncler jacket sale who could afford a solar collector or windmill, was anathema to the energy establishment of the day. Certainly it wasn’t in the cards to expect Exxon or Arco to promote solar power, except perhaps as a public relations ploy to attract sentimental Greens to the gas pumps on their way to a Greenpeace meeting.But times have changed. Utilities that once promoted the consumption of electric power are now preaching abstinence and conservation with diligent enthusiasm.Besides, what is there left to burn? True, we have two or three centuries’ worth of coal in the ground, worldwide, at current rates of extraction. But unless we have foolproof that? foolproof? methods of sequestering the carbon, we’ll turn the planet into Venus if we burn it.Oil? Many reliable sources believe we’ve already hit peak oil, that is, the historical date at which available supply begins to decline but demand remains robust or continues to rise. could go some way to explain the doubling of oil prices over the past two years. forced to rely upon wood for its needs at the moncler outlet online rate it currently uses energy, it would denude the lower 48 states of trees within a year.Meanwhile, the climate change that was dismissed as “junk science” by such luminous intellectuals as George W. Bush proof that the world is run by C students has led to an increasing incidence of fires in many parts of the world.Climate scientists have warned of an increased wildfire risk in many parts of the world as a by product of climate change. California, southern Europe, and Australia have all seen dramatic increases in wildfires in recent decades. km. were incinerated, and 45,000 people were directly affected.Meanwhile warmer winters have contributed to the spread of the mountain pine beetle, whose massacre of lodgepole and other pine in BC cheap moncler outlet has created a vast source of dying drying fuel spread over nearly a quarter of the province.Burnt sacrifice by ancient humans was an attempt to make something holy by returning it to God through the smoke of its combustion.It would be the final irony if our last burnt offering were the planet itself.sick of my allergiesComment by battery on 12th October 2008I really like your write up, I have allergies to a whole moncler outlet uk lot of environmental things, like perfumes, colognes, certain cleaning products. did you know that studies are finally being conducted to try and control some of the pollutants that we put in the air. Young boys are prone to the embarrassing affects moncler outlet of certain products. which cause defects while growing, abnormally small penises, and large breasts. what is society doing? Why can we not simply live without scented products? Why do we not all take responsibility for this planet and begin to dismantle moncler outlet jackets the things we can moncler sale outlet live without, and work on improving things we need. Ask ourselves, is this a need or want.

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